Monday, September 1, 2014

Weekly Fruit and Veggie Prep - Very Helpful Tip

Darlings, Mary picked up a helpful weight loss tip from her wondrous sister A. She picks a day (usually Sunday) when she preps her veggies, fruit, and cooks her lean protein (chicken), puts them in containers, and stores them on the top shelf of the fridge. That way, when Mary is starving, and opens the fridge, the first thing that she hits is a good choice.

Having lean protein pre cooked and ready also helps her choose a salad (from the already washed and cut up veggies) toss in some chicken, and Dinner!  Fastest, easiest, best choice.  Very helpful.

Weekly Prep List

2 pounds of chicken breast - start cooking in pan while doing veggie prep

2 Bunches of Kale, washed and torn into little pieces (including the stems), shake dry.

1 Bag of pre-washed Spinach, torn up.

1 Celery Heart (bunch of celery) washed, separated, and cut into 3 - 4 inch sections for snacking, and some chopped for Green Goddess Smoothies.

1 small bag of mini carrots - open bag, wash, pat dry, put in plastic containers with a paper towel in bottom.

1 bunch of seedless green grapes, washed, shaken dry, pulled from stem, placed in tall plastic container with a screw lid.

1 bunch of seedless red grapes, same as for the green grapes.

1 bag local apples washed and set on towel to dry.

1 Bag of frozen mixed tropical fruits - opened and broken into individual fruit pieces

Now.  Darlings.  Mary then gets out 7 quart sized freezer bags.  Opens them, and into each of them she puts:

A big handful of Kale (about 1 cup)

A big handful of Spinach (about 1 cup)

1/2 c of Green Grapes

1/4 c Chopped Celery

Half an apple cut into slices

1/4 c each frozen Mango and Pineapple pieces

She then zips the bag closed, and tosses it into the freezer.  Yes, Darlings, one doesn't ever freeze greens!  Mostly in the case of dark greens, one leaves them in the bottom drawer of the fridge until they get all squishy and smelly, then one throws them out.  Don't look at me like that, the Fab knows that you do it too.  Where was I?  Throw the assembled bag into the freezer.  When you pull it out, toss it in the blender, add a cup of unsweetened Almond Milk, whir, Green Goddess Smoothie.  Yum.

The rest of the Veggies and fruits go into plastic containers with lids (put a paper towel in the bottom). Place them on the top shelf of the fridge.  Easy snacking!  Easy salad prep.

When your chicken is done, cool, dice or shred, put in a plastic container in the fridge.  Same reason as above.  Ready for salad or quick sandwich.

Pick a day Darlings!  Go to the grocery, spend some time in the produce section.  When you get home, do your fruit and veggie prep right then.  Ready for a week of healthful eating.

The Fab believes in you.  She does.

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