Friday, August 15, 2014

Mary's World 4 Food Groups ... (Or you think that you have it tough)

Darlings, The Fab has realized that she has been remiss in giving you background information on Mary.  The Fab forgets that you don't know Mary.  No loss darlings, Mary is crabby and anti-social, without the Fab she would be a mess.


The Four Food Groups in Mary's World  are as follows:

1. Pan Fried, and Battered and Deep Fried

2. Beef and Bacon

3. Potatoes and Sweet Corn

4. Things the Fella won't eat.

Raising my metaphorical hand and swearing it to be true, I, Fabiola, declare that with my help, Mary managed to change what she eats and loose weight DESPITE the fella who insists on eating like he lives in a greasy spoon diner.  What is a gal to do?  Darlings, The Fab has no idea what you are going to do, but Mary fabricated a figment who bears a remarkable resemblance to the best possible -- Truck Stop Waitress / best friend a gal could ever have.

Mary cooks at least dinner every day and most days she cooks his while she makes hers.  It IS possible Darlings.  She grits her teeth and gets through it.  It gets easier for her the more she does it.  Of course, it is also very helpful to have the always patient, always gracious, Fab suggesting that what Mary is making is better in every way than the slop that the fella is about to eat.

For Mary, Weight Loss is partly what she eats, partly how much she exercises, mostly what goes on in her head.   Just sayin` Darlings.

You can do it!  The Fab believes in you.

The Fab is starting a list of Recipes that the Fella will eat that are easily converted or are already weight loss friendly.

Main Dishes -

Evelyn's Famous Chili Soup

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