Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kids and Candy - Top 10 Favorite Halloween Candy - According to some ...

Well, when the Fab was young  she loved Halloween.  The dressing up, the walk through the dark with other children (and parents).  It was exciting and spooky and fun all at the same time.  And when the Fab was young, the candy that neighbors gave out was wonderful and often full sized (snack and fun sizes had not been invented) the Fab’s favorite?  Smarties. Those wonderful tart round candies in a crinkly cellophane roll .  Sigh.  Smarties are from the Spangler Candy Company, which happens to be an Ohio company, which is where the Fab lives now, but it wasn’t when she was young.
These days, apparently the most popular Halloween candies are:
1)   Snickers
2)   Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
3)   Tootsie Rolls
4)   M&M’s
5)   Twizzlers
6)   Butterfingers
7)   Skittles
8)   Hershey Bars
9)   Kit Kat Bars
10)  Candy Corn -
Whatever happened to smarties?  Sigh.  Well, we all can’t have the finely developed tastes  of the Fab.  What is your favorite Halloween Candy Darlings?
And while we are on the subject of Holidays:  The Fab’s alter ego Mary has wonderful real Art for Real People (meaning it is real art made by a real Artist but priced so that you can afford it – Mary has spent way to many years working for a living she is a real Artist, just not a real Fancy artist) sculptures available for holiday gift giving.  Click this link to go to Mary’s sculpture Blog.

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