Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fabiola's Best Instant Slimming Secret!

Fabiola's Best Instant Slimming Secret!

No starving or munching on rabbit food required. It is fast, it is easy, and it is effective! This slimming secret works instantly just before you head out the door!

This is how to perform the magic!
After styling your hair, perfecting your make-up, choosing the perfect outfit, matching your shoes and bag, you stand in front of a 3-way mirror. (A three-way mirror is one that has two side mirror panels hinged to a central mirror.) <--- if you still aren't sure, link to a photo. [ Fabiola promises to figure out how to insert photos in her posts very soon.]

The link takes you to a lovely mirror, if your decor is commercial / high-tech or you need a sturdy mirror that will take a lot of use. Fabiola wants one in every room of her home.

Back to the magic!
Move the panels until all three sections are flat, making one big mirror (not that you need a big mirror dear! Not at all!). We are creating magic here, so bear with me! Center yourself where either the left or right side hinges to the middle panel. (Fabiola always chooses the left side because while both views are wonderful, the left is just so slightly better, if that is possible.)

Have you centered yourself (in a physical, not a metaphysical way)? Great! Now, reach out and move the side panel of the mirror in just slightly. Look! Ten pounds erased in an instant! This works every time!

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