Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fabiola Entertains (The Early Years)

The time that I, Fabiola, masterfully recreated a Delarobia wreath using Lime Jell-o and marzipan came later in life, but hints of that developing skill appeared early.

That may lead you to wonder what cosmic forces, which fortuitous alignment of the planets, the sequence of events created a being as wondrous as yours truly, Fabiola.

I grew-up in the days when liverwurst coerced into the shape of a pineapple and surrounded by bacon-flavored crackers appeared as the buffet centerpiece of summer celebrations. Liverwurst. Pate would never deign to appear in public shaped as a tropical fruit. Liverwurst, while suspiciously similar to the fancy French stuff, is not too snooty to have some fun.

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