Who In The World Is Fabiola?

Fabiola - Fantastic Fabiola, actually, is a figment.

Fabiola believes in one thing more than all else:

"If a woman commits to a beehive hairdo,
there aint a man alive that won't be downright low maintenance by comparison".

Words to live by gals, words to live by.

Well then, you may be asking yourself, Who in Tarnation is Mary?  Mary is Fabiola's alter ego.  Mary isn't terribly interesting, except for the fact that after an entire lifetime of being some version of overweight, she, after the age of 50, has lost 65 pounds and (so far) has kept that weight off and is working on loosing the last 25 pounds or so.  If Mary can do it, anybody can. That makes her a successful weight looser, life changer, sadly, it doesn't make her any more interesting, so the Fab talks for her.

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