Keeping it honest ... links to Mary's myfitnesspal and runkeeper feeds.

Darlings, I, Fabiola, and Mary believe in you so much that we have agreed to publicly post Mary's feeds.  Read if you want.

myfitnesspal - food log with updates from runkeeper

And my profile

Fair notice:  Mary does indeed (and has) written down everything that she has eaten, in a paper book that she carries with her.  She has been hit or miss on the entering it online.  The Fab promises, that from this moment forward, she will make Mary enter the information in case it is in any way helpful to you.

Darlings, don't be horrified, Mary eats butter, chocolate, peanut butter, cheese, and even, sometimes, cookies.  This weight loss thing is burning more calories than you eat. Period, end of story.  It is that simple.  Please note, the Fab did not use the words "easy", "quick", or "pain free".

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