Absolute Essentials

Absolute Essentials

1.  A constant, positive, good example, Mary has her sister A. who runs half marathons and is so positive and committed to the Healthy Family model that she actually convinced Mary that eating Kale would not kill her.  Now Darlings, you don't have to actually know your positive example, they just have to be there consistently, being all active and healthy.

2. A group of supportive people going through something similar.  Mary (through sister A, her positive example) joined a Facebook group where the folks were all committed to health and fitness.  Some were working on training for half or full marathons, some were just starting out loosing weight, some had been working on weight loss and health for a while, some just wanted better eating and exercise habits.  Mary believes that the mix is was important. Different people on different paths working together to support different goals.

3. A food scale, measuring cups, measuring spoons, and the determination to use them.

4. A notebook, app, or journal to record food and exercise. 

5. An Accurate Scale.  For under $100 digital scales are available that weigh up to 400 pounds. Get one, use it weekly at least. 


1. A treadmill.  Any kind, check craig's list and garage sales.  No excuse to not walk if you have one.  Mary used hers all winter.  Mary's was an old nothing special model that did have elevation adjust, and a distance walked tracker, but that is it.

2. Music.  Mary found it amazing how much further she could walk listening to her favorite music.

3. A Blender. 

4. A Motivation.  Mary's were several and have changed over time.

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