6 Habits of Successful Weight Loss -

100 overweight people:

40 will attempt (in some manner) to loose weight

20 will loose 10% or more of their body weight. Of that 20 people ...

5 will keep that weight off for 1 year or more.

Rather than being all discouraged about those numbers, Mary said to herself (she talks to herself, she does) What those 5 people know about weight loss is what I want to know. 

These are the 6 Habits of Successful Long Term Weight Loss .

1.  They lost weight intentionally. - Meaning that they decided to do it and worked towards that goal.

2.  They ate breakfast every day.
             Chocolate Orange Coffee
             Green Goddess Smoothie

3.  They ate a low fat, low simple carb diet. Low simple carb = low processed flour and sugar.

4.  They tracked what they ate, every morsel, every day.

5.  They followed that plan every day. No "weekends off", no holidays, no vacations.  They tracked what they ate.

6.  They exercised for an hour a day (walking, running, weight lifting, cleaning house, something) every day.

Diet and Exercise - who knew that would work?

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