Tuesday, August 26, 2014

You CAN`T Fail at this diet ... Or ... The Great Cream Horn Incident of 2013

Darlings!  You are fabulous, you are! Working on your food journal?  Working on walking or other exercise?  Slowly eliminating added sugar and salt from your food?  Excellent!

As the Fab has told you Mary discovered umm, finally listened to the advice that has been out there forever and a day, that if she tracks the calories that she eats, and burns more calories than she eats, even by a little bit, she will loose weight.  Even if, say, one day when she drove to town to pick up the fella's lunch, and a few items at the grocery, and there on the display, by the check-out, was a stack of vanilla creme horns. Five curled pastries on a tray,  all greasy and sweet and golden, sparkling in their plastic packaging, they got the best of her.  Mary bought them.  Then.  She ripped them open as soon as she got in the car.  As she drove the three blocks from Walmart to the McDonald`s -- she ate three of them in the MOST undignified manner.  She was, in fact, still chomping as she placed an order for the fella's lunch.

Why in the world would the Fab tell you this?  People have weak moments.  Mary has bought into those diets where you have to eat exactly this, at exactly that moment, some sort of food combining, chemical hocus-pocus, where one misstep, and she had RUINED the diet mojo entirely.  Have you been there?  Guaranteed failure.  Mary never unlearned one bad habit by following a trendy diet.  She never developed good eating habits either.   Now, the Fab is not saying easy, or fast, but tracking calories, eating consciously, exercising, DID become habits with Mary.  She does, however, have moments from time to time, like the Great Creme Horn Incident of 2013.  And that too, is ok.  She is human.  So are you darlings.  Keep at it!  The Fab believes in you.

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