Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Fab's Case for SLOW Weight Loss ... Still On Sun Tsu's Chapter 1 - Laying Plans

The Fab's somewhat fractured case for SLOW weight loss.

1. Sorta Sciency - You are a complex biological system Darlings. You are. In complex biological systems, major changes made fast are, in reality, shocks to the system.  In the Fab's opinion, shocking can be useful for swimming pools that have gone all green and slimy.  Shocking is 'a thing' in the electric eel world. Are you a slimy green swimming pool?  No? You aren't, by chance, an eel?  No? Then maybe consider slow. Slow is Graceful, gradual, like a swan gliding on a lake Darlings.

2.  Sorta Scary - Imagining yourself as a Swan on a lake not working for you? Let the Fab tell you a Mary story.  Now, we have mentioned that Mary is crabby and anti-social, she is also, (how to say this delicately ...) Mary is old.  Okay, maybe not exactly old, not cool old like 80 or 90, just aint no spring chicken no more old.  Over 50 old.  Darlings the Fab has a point, truly she does.

When she was young, Mary's skin would snap right back after one of her endless repetitions of a 5 or 10 pound weight loss.  Not so much anymore. As Mary was contemplating the bio-mechanics of loosing weight, to her horror, she hit on a visual of visitors arriving at her home after she had lost weight.  She imagined herself springing from the porch waving madly.  Springing and waving, stepping off the porch while her jiggly loose flaps and folds of skin followed along 2 steps behind her like those of an old bloodhound.

Call it vanity, call it what you will, Mary decided on slow just as much because she wanted her skin to keep up with her weight loss as because a weight loss of 1 or 2 pounds a week is wise.

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