Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Motivating the motivators - A Quick Note From the Fab

Darlings, you look marvelous today!  You do!  You have been working on your food journal?  OUTSTANDING!  The Fab is proud of you!

A quick note to folk that are acting as either a good example, or a support group member, Mary told the Fab that playing the long game in weight loss (30 pounds or more) is the hardest thing that she has ever done. -  Fab is whispering here, Mary aint all that smart, so she has to be tough, in fact her nickname is the Ice Queen if that gives you an idea of what she is like, and she said HARDEST THING EVER.  

Be proud of the loss of every pound that your friend looses, tell them!  Be giddy over every changed bad habit.  If you have never had a significant long term weight problem, you have no idea what a battle changing those bad habits is.  Believe in your friends. The Fab believes in you.  You can do it.

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