Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Loosing Weight - Sun Tsu and the Art of Weight Loss - Ancient Chinese Wisdom

Mary is a creative type and she has to footle tootle with every idea that drifts through her noggin.  Weight Loss was no different.

So she consulted some ancient Chinese wisdom on getting difficult things done.

Sun Tsu and The Art of War.

Yes, a manuscript on waging war as a diet manual.  Darlings, I have to agree with Mary on this one, weight loss IS war.  War on bad habits, war on outside influences, war on complacency, and let's face it, war on a little laziness.

Chapter 1 - Laying Plans

Or Darlings, how in the world can you go somewhere else, if you don't know where you are?

In my last post

I talked about how Mary finally decided to start loosing weight and as she had been overweight her entire life, and had tried every form of diet out there, and every fast, easy, trick she ever read, and had not accomplished her goal, she decided to read a study done on folk that not only lost weight, but kept it off. Read the previous post.  It is interesting.

Mary realized that she needed to take some time to record what she ate, and when she ate it.  She needed to know what made her exercise, and what silly excuses she used to justify parking her behind on the couch staring slack jawed at the Tee Vee.

So, she got herself a journal and started writing down notes.  She didn't try to change anything in her life right then, she wanted to know where she was.  People that loose weight and keep it off, do it intentionally.

Part of that intention is to know where changes need to be made.  She took a month and jotted things down:  food, cooking, activities, work hours, tee vee watching, reading, stresses, joy.  As I, Fabiola, said:

How can you go somewhere else when you don't know where you are?

I believe in you Darlings.  You can do it.

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