Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Darlings! Mary Has Been Busy working on Health and Weight Loss

Darlings! Mary Has Been Busy working on Health and Weight Loss, and we all know what a drag she can be even when she isn't dieting and exercising.

However, Darlings, THIS!

A year and a half (so far), #Diet and #Exercise, who knew THAT would work?

62 pounds lost, 23 pounds to go, and bless her heart, Mary wrote a journal of the entire trip.

The Fab is going to interpret it for you.  The Fab is going to reveal every secret, every challenge, every success, all for the low, low price of free.

If you just have to start right now.  Go to this website - http://www.myfitnesspal.com/

This Darlings, is not a paid promotion, The Fab doesn't do that.  That site is what Mary used to track her calories and progress.

http://www.runkeeper.com  is where she tracked her exercise.

Sign Up.  Set up.  Start tracking what you eat, every morsel, right now.  Start tracking your exercise every step, right now. Both sites have handy dandy Apps that you can download to your smart phone, and they update each other too. How wonderful is that?

Do it Darlings!

The Fab believes in you.

***** A Quick Note Darlings! ***** Disclaimer!  *****

Nothing on The Fab's Blog is intended as advice or a recommendation. The Fab entertains.  Also, The Fab is a Figment.  Most importantly,  The Fab is not a nutritionist. The Fab is not an M.D. The Fab is not you, you are not The Fab.  Neither of us is Mary (thank the stars!).  The Fab is simply sharing what Mary did, what worked for her.  You are responsible for seeking professional advice, thinking, and applying any or none of Mary's ideas or actions to your life.

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