Monday, October 22, 2012

The Fab goes all political

No, Darlings, she had no intention of talking about the Presidential race. At least not in this post.  What the Fab wishes to talk about it science.  Just this moment on CBS news, the Fab heard how geological scientists in Italy are being charged with a crime because they failed to predict (yes predict, like the weather or a psychic reading, predict) the exact timing of a major earthquake that struck Italy.

Apparently, some in Italy failed to prepare for a 2009 major quake in L'Aquilla because they interpreted the statements of scientists and government officials as "reassuring", even though they had already had a series of minor earthquakes in the area.   See the BBC News article on the subject.

The Fab blames global warming climate change.  Not the event, which may or may not be happening now, soon, in the foreseeable future, just after the coming imminent ice age that was predicted in the 70's. The Fab blames the ATTITUDE that surrounds global warming climate change.  If a scientist present a theory, hooks up with politicians and folk that stand to make great big boatloads of money over the process to prevent the consequences of  the theory, then almost immediately declare the postulations behind the theory to be settled science and demand expensive tax payer funded action based on that theory.  THEN kick and scream like a spoiled child on the floor of the candy aisle at the grocery when anyone says - no.  You have set up a scenario where, you might be held responsible for not warning of events that no one can know for sure will happen.

Scientists can be a scientist or they can be a Deity.  Scientists get time to investigate and argue. Deitys get the blame for acts of God(s).  Choose.

The Fab realizes that this is stern for her sort of post, she is concerned about scientists acting like gods and people acting like spoiled children.  Neither of these is a good thing.

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