Monday, October 15, 2012

Darlings! Getting Back to Work ...

No this isn't career advice.  Sadly this economy is going to have to be worked through, mostly by the Fab's beloved Working Class, whomever sits in the big chair.  With a little luck, the behind in the big chair will realize that we have in this country more than a middle class.  For the love of Pete.  Regardless, the Fab had no intention of talking politics in this post.  She didn't.  Sometimes it happens.

What the Fab DID intend to talk about was that Mary has gotten back to work.  Art Work.  She did a portrait of her sister for her sister's 40th birthday.  Amy's hair is almost as wonderful as the Fab's.

Evening Star -  Click the Photo to go to Mary's Post about the painting
And, of course, Mary talks about it on her Art Blog

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