Saturday, March 17, 2012

Darlings! Since you are here Rural Artists, ... Consider Regionalism (Art not Politics, Dears)

What?  Here, let The Fab give you a hint:

Americana In Progress by Mary Wilson

Oh, for goodness sake!  It is the (counting on my fingers) 21st century. A revival, not a reproduction. Now, Mary is the creative one around here and she has this idea that the time for Regionalism as an Art movement has come (again).  Essentially, this Art movement can be summed up as "yea Farm! City, not so much".  That is the Fab definition anyway, Mary (of course) expands on that idea in a blog post.  This is not a new thing for Mary -- she even talked The Fab into mentioning it via a link on one of her posts.  Now, the Fab wonders aloud, are hairdressers and fancy dos allowed in this asthetic?  The Fab will have none of it if they aren't.

But if you are a not so city Artist, and your work is about what you know, maybe ...  The Fab has to hit the hairspray now.

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