Monday, February 6, 2012

My Alter Ego Mary has had the Fab Locked in the Dust bin

She is a horrible drudge really.  Your Fab has been locked in the dust bin because that horrible Mary has been working on getting her online Garden Sculpture Store off the ground.

Not off the ground like a kite, actually, the ground isn't involved all that much, the interwebs dears.

Get the word out for Mary will you Darlings?  She is trapped on the farm most days and when she is not there, she is in the middle of a field on someone else's farm, and that doesn't make for a lot of human contact.

Click on this link it will take you to Mary's site.  Honest, she knows her stuff!  High quality, ORIGINAL (that means you can't get it anywhere else), hand finished concrete garden or home sculpture. Her work makes lovely gifts.  Send the link to people that you know.  Looking won't cost you a dime and will make Mary extraordinarily happy. (then maybe she will let your Fab out of the dust bin).

As the Fab says about Mary's Art:  If you love it, buy one for yourself.  If you don't love it so much, buy one for someone that you don't much like but have to give a gift to anyway.

Thank you for the attention Darlings!

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