Monday, January 2, 2012

Carnation Famous Fudge Kit and a Figment

This Christmas past, Darlings, the Fab decided to make Fudge.  Now it is a known fact that the Fab is not much of a candy maker.  The Fab can cook like no body's business, but fudge?  Sigh, not so much, the Fab admits her limitations, even if she IS a figment.

The Fab spotted a Carnation Famous Fudge Kit at the Kroger.  Into the cart it went.  The kit provides everything that a Fab will need to make a batch of fudge -- MINUS two tablespoons of real butter.  And who doesn't keep a supply of butter in the house?  Not the Fab, not ever.  Meat, milk, bread, eggs all optional in the Fab's kitchen -- butter?  In the event of a tornado or flood, the Fab would save her butter before the family photos.  The Fab digresses.

Follow the instructions on the back of the box and you will have perfect, creamy fudge.  The Fab promises.

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