Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas is past for another year ... Notes on Decorating Trees

Darlings, perhaps you have tree decorating down to a science, sadly the Fab does not.  Perhaps this is due to her will-o-the-wisp nature, perhaps it is due to obstacles most folk do not encounter whilst decorating their Christmas Tree.
 Regardless, the Fab is making notes for expedited decorating for next year.

1. Have a decorating theme.
2. Collect all ornaments, unwrap them from their protective paper.
3. Arrange them on a flat surface, grouped by size then color to ensure that a Fab has an even distribution of decor over the entire tree.
4. Lock all animals in the laundry room while putting up the tree.  That way a Fab has only to put ornaments onto the tree, once.

Darlings, the above pictured Christmas cat is Smoky, who sleeps with one eye open and has been immortalized in an original yet affordable garden sculpture.  <--- this would be a shameless plug for the Fab's alter ego's web store.

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Mrs. L said...

I too have learned the lessons of having cats that were irresistibly attracted to the lure of the tree.