Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Remember Shrinky Dinks?

Remember Shrinky Dinks?  No the Fab didn't so much either until a week or so ago.  Of course, lovely, brightly colored, shrinking plastic had almost nothing to do with the actual event but as is the way with the Fab,  tossing some around can only help.

That said, the Fab went with Mary to her 30th High School Reunion. Fortunately, the Fab is ageless. Mary, on the other hand ... well, it is the mileage now isn't?  Gets ya every time. Still, Mary had a great time.  She did.  No, you ask her if you want to hear about it.  Isn't the Fab's story to tell.  Mary hasn't written a word since February, slacker.

Third paragraph darlings and the Fab is winding up to tell you what she came to say. Everything shrunk. While the places were all there and next to the other places remembered, and everything looked almost exactly the same, everthing was smaller and closer together.  Entire city blocks, shrunk. Parking lots were cut in half.  Nothing was as tall or as wide or anything as it should have been.  the Fab could not figure it out.  Until, the realization hit.  When the Fab last looked at Moline, she had city eyes, since then she has been looking through country eyes.  Out in the middle of not much of anything, everything is very far apart and the Fab now knows that a gal gets used to seeing things that way, because in her memory, the places that she used to live,  expanded.  A trip back however, shrunk them right back down to where they (always really were) and should be.  Interesting.

Don't for a second suppose that the Fab is talking about the people she talked to.  No, they were more wonderful than the Fab remembered.

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