Monday, August 24, 2009

Intersection of this and that ...

Darlings, the Fab has been pondering music. One song from three days ago (that song is really from 1976 not three days ago -- but it was new to the Fab three days ago, which works out to be the same now does't it?) Holding up a hand:  Don't argue with the Fab darlings, the Fab is a figment, arguing with a figment of someone else's imagination, well, how can you win?  But mostly the Fab has been contemplating music remembered from her highschool(ish) years.  Perhaps music is too broad of a term, the Fab's years of 1975 through 1979 were dominated by power ballads and disco. What is a Fab to do?  She works with what she has that is what she does.  Don't worry if this isn't making any sense, nor does it appear to be headed towards a point.  Of course you know that the Fab has explained that she is less than linear, try as she might to have it point North, the Fab's compass insists on spinning round and round.  (That the Fab still follows that compass, despite knowing this is as much a wonderment to her as it may be to you.).  A destination then if not a direction?  Yes.

The destination is music once heard that grabs onto a moment and there it stays forever verses music that drifts along with you always staying close but never finding an anchor in memory.  You have no idea what the Fab is talking about?

A song that the Fab liked, Bad Girls by Donna Summer is stuck somewhere in the middle of a hundred or more hearings headed west through a stop sign at the intersection of 12th avenue and 34th street in Moline on a sunny summer afternoon. Why then, why there the Fab has no idea, but toot toot, hey, beep beep and there we are.

On the other hand, a song that the Fab loves has been drifting in and out of memory since 1975 without finding a spot to light and stay.  Pehaps it is a song that deservs more than a three second pause at a 4-way stop at the bottom of a hill.

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StacyBeth said...

I am absolutely in love with jefferson starships music, one of my personal favorites is "Jane".

p.s. I love the name (and concept) of your blog!