Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wedding Invitation Address Etiquette ...

Hello Darlings!

Yes the Fab has abandoned you.  Mary has been busy and horrible and ... well, the Fab doesn't want to talk about that.

The Fab does want to mention that spring is that time when lots of weddings occur.  It is no coincidence just prior to that, expensive, carefully prepared, hand addressed insults (wedding invitations) arrive. You see darlings, my alter ego lives in one of those non traditional thingys with the crabby guy. Shrug.

Fifteen years. 

Now, most everyone that knows CG, knows Mary just as well.  Everyone also knows that most men never go to weddings unless poked and prodded, nagged at and possibly hog tied and dragged to the event. Of course the Fab is right.

Back to the expensive insults.  Wedding invitations invaribly arrive addressed to:  C.G. and Guest - or worse - C.G. on the outside envelope, and Guest inside.  Now, the Fab has to tell you that anyone that knows CG well enough to invite him to a wedding also knows that gift shopping, wrapping and sending will not be performed by him.  Ever.  He won't appear at the "event" without the effort of "and Guest" either.

The Fab has no doubt that some twisted form of etiquette demands that invitations be addessed as insults to the person that will be spending the time and money to respond in the polite manner.

Usually the Fab counsels (and her alter-ego disregards the counsel) that the insult invitation be ignored (it is easier and cheaper). Recently one arrived that is so egregious that Fab is advising that her alter ego buy a gift, send it well ahead of time, with the gift card signed "and Guest".

Etiquette be damned, the Fab is sick of it.

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Anonymous said...

Talk about a comeback special! Anony hasn't enjoyed anything so much since you read those Volvo Assholes the right act -- and you erased that on him.