Thursday, April 16, 2009

God Love Ya Susan Boyle!

Now it is time.

A few weeks ago I posted something that my mother once said that I didn't understand because I was young and it was one of those things that youth cannot comprehend. My Mom declared once (the world) was erasing her. I said at the time that there was an essay in there somewhere. I was right about the essay, I was wrong as to who would be the author.

Have your heard about Susan Boyle have you seen her video? Susan is a 47 year old woman from a small place living a simple life and allowing herself a small dream. She lived her life and dreamed her dream, but never got the chance to make it come true. Then, she earned herself a chance on "Britan's Got Tallent" the British equivalent of "American Idol". Through her pre-interviews and as she stood before the judges, the catcalls from the audience and the eyerolls from the judges were all attempts to erase her. She was too old, she wasn't beautiful, she wasn't supposed to dare to want to be there. They were all trying to erase her.

Susan Boyle didn't let that happen. She believed in herself and despite everyone's clear expectation that she was going to make a sad mess of her chance, she sang a difficult masterpiece of a song and brought the audience to their feet and tears to the world's eyes.

Thank you, Thank you, Susan Boyle. Your courage and your voice will carry many other women out of the hell that they are living and give them back the courage to follow their dreams.

God Love Ya Susan Boyle! Sing!

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Anonymous said...

Amen Sister!