Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It is going to rain, no it won't, maybe it will, it is going to rain ...

Ok, Darlings. It did rain. Darlings, Fabiola is out on a jobsite with Mary. Fabiola got to go-with because she flung herself into the bed of the pick-up as Mary was pulling out of the driveway. Oh, she thought that the Fab wouldn't be awake as it was 3 am. It is a known fact that figments never sleep. I, Fabiola can't believe that Mary doesn't know that.

Well, to retaliate, Mary made me ride on the top of the floater. Fabiola loved the view! Ha! That will teach her. But today it rained, so Fabiola got to stay on the ground.

Just a quick update Darlings.

Oh, and PK? The Fab can't read your blog and can't remember your email so she can't resort to appropriate clandestine electronic groveling to acquire permission. Appropriate and Fabiola hmm two words that almost never proximate. It must be the rain.

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