Monday, February 16, 2009

Sometimes People that you love say annoying things ...

Sometimes they say annoying things that are also -- wrong.

Added 02/17/2009 --> Very often, they realize the error and fix it, thus making the Fab's commentary -- more pointless than usual.

"Mother Theresa was an atheist, filled with self doubt. But she was an authentic saint, because she always acted like one." - Seth Godin

A two word edit and all is right with the world again.


On the above, Mr. Godin is wrong.

Fabiola loves, loves, loves Mr. Godin, he is an inspirational bundle of joy. The Fab reads his blog every day. You should too.

Mother Theresa was not, by any stretch of the imagination, an Atheist. Ever. (Not that there is anything wrong with being an Atheist if that is a club that you have joined. Who is the Fab to say one way or the other. Mother Theresa, however, wasn't a member.)

Technically, neither is she a Saint. Yet.

But Mother Theresa ACTED as a saint does, all the time, which makes her a saint, and that was Mr. Godin's point. So, that part isn't lost.

He did state as fact, something that isn't. Which is too bad. The Fab does the same thing from time to time; when it is on purpose, she identifies it by announcing that "It is a known fact". When she does it because she believes something to be true, but it isn't, then the Fab is just wrong.

It happens.


Link to a Catholic Register article on the 'Atheism' of Mother Theresa.


Anonymous said...

"Sometimes People that you love say annoying things ..." (And sometimes the Fab washes their mouth out with soap)!!!

Fabiola (or Mary or Both) said...

Well Dear Anony,

Sometimes the old fashioned punishments are the most effective.

In our new fangled, computerized electro-world how much of a deterent is a "time-out"?