Sunday, January 4, 2009

What in the Wacom is clutched in Fabiola's hands?

Well, Darlings, this is of great interest to Fabiola, maybe not so much to you (but it should be). Fabiola prodded and nagged, pouted and nudged Mary until she bought for Fabiola a Wacom Cintiq -- the little one Darlings! Fabiola is all about prudence.
What is a Wacom? It is a wonder of electronic technology that allows a Fabiola to draw right on the screen instead of first paper then scan then clean up then give up because the transfer takes forever. Drawing on a Cintiq is almost as good as paper, doesn't make Fabiola's brain hurt as the ones where you draw on a pad but look at the computer screen do. And it is fast.
Fabiola's opinion? Her new Cintiq was expensive but worth every single penny.
Cautionary tale here. Technology can do nothing to increase talent. You will just have to make do with Fabiola's limited, yet suddenly faster skills.
Fabiola is delighted with her new technology. Happy happy Fantastic Fabiola.

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