Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dear Darling Commenters ...

Pull up an Ottoman ("goes with a chair" ottoman, not the empire Darlings -- but goodness knows if you have an empire that is yours to arrange at will, well Darlings, just go ahead although we will need a bigger space, now won't we?)! Where was Fabiola? Oh!
It is a known fact that I, Fantastic Fabiola, am always the gracious hostess, of course you know that. And Fantastic Fabiola adores each and every one of her readers, that goes without saying, although Fabiola just did. Here is the thing, comments promoting a particular commercial endeavor even if they are polite, well written and topical are ok, ONLY if you have checked with the Fab first. Why is the Fab mentioning this? Well, the other day a comment was posted (a polite, well written, topical, didn't bother the Fab at all comment) the problem with that comment was that it was a surprise to both the Fab and the company / person that the comment was aimed at helping. Bless the heart of the person that wanted to help their friend, relative, whatever -- times are tough and we all have to work together to get through this now don't we? We do. However well intentioned the comment was, when the Fab called this person (actually the Fab had Mary do it as Fantastic Fabiola is a Figment) the subject of the comment (a professional, polite, well spoken person the Fab must add) requested that the comment and info be taken down.
So the Fab did.
Fantastic Fabiola doesn't want you to think that she just goes around deleting comments willy-nilly. Have a care darlings, that is all the Fab asks, make sure promotions are ok with everybody (does Fabiola need to add) first.
Hugs to all of you and thanks for taking the time to visit!

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