Friday, December 12, 2008


Photo from the Colin Street Bakery site (looks yummy yummy, doesn't it?  Trust Fabiola, they are.)

Love it, hate it, no getting around it, ya aint got Fruitcake, ya aint got Christmas.  Fabiola says anyway. (I, Fabiola, love - love - love -love -love Fruitcake.)  Please don't break Fabiola's heart by telling her your tragic Fruitcake stories, unless, of course, it happens to be funny or it reveals the age of someone - (fruitcake regifting that has been going on for as long as a family member has been alive are always interesting.)
Did you know that the best part of Fruitcakes is that they are best preserved by soaking in Brandy?  Ah!  You might say, that is it!  Well of course Darlings, soak a Christmas consumable in enough spirits and it doubles as a yule log.  Fabiola is all about practicality.

Regardless, the best Fruitcake ever can be bought from The Collin Street Bakery  Fruitcakes make wonderful gifts, Ahem.

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