Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fabiola's Five on Steel Toed Boots.

Mary was (mostly) right to lock Fabiola in the filing cabinet, if the cold doesn't dampen a gal's spirits, the mud surely will. There is just something about wearing five pounds of shoes with an added ten pounds of mud that gumms up the whole tripping lightly through life way that Fabiola chooses to live. Regardless, Fabiola always finds a bright side.

Fabiola's Five - positive things about wearing work boots.

5. Wearing steel toed work boots makes those silly ankle weights unnecessary.

4. Heavy footwear makes it less likely for a gal to fall over. She can lean way over in almost any direction and her work shoes will keep her firmly on the ground.

3. Ankle support.

2. If the finish starts to wear, you just hit them with another coat of sno seal and they are back in action.

1. Steel toed boots are not available in a four inch stiletto heel, so the front half of your feet wont hurt at the end of a day wearing them.

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