Saturday, December 13, 2008

Decorate your Christmas Tree in Layers ...

Now, there are theories on Christmas Tree decorating, then there is Fabiola’s theory. I, Fabiola, approach decorating a Christmas tree like I approach getting dressed.

First is the arrangement of the branches. Think of it as putting on your foundation garments. There are those who insist upon selecting a natural tree. It is a known fact that in getting dressed or choosing Christmas trees, allowing nature to decide what goes where will only lead to unfortunate aesthetics. (Darlings, those of you over 40 know exactly what Fabiola means?)

Remove your lovely artificial tree from the storage box and assemble it on the stand. Spend some time arranging branches. Push the sagging ones up; flatten out any branches that are too poofy. Remember to check the 360 degree view, someone always feels compelled to look around back. To accomplish tree beauty feel free to use duct tape, pallet strapping, or latex to attain the perfect form.

Next are the lights. Think of this as selecting your garments for the day. Fabiola can't help but mention that Christmas has always fallen after Labor Day so -- all white lights? Well … you decide. (Perhaps white lights should be reserved for those that want to display a lumpy natural tree?) Color! Color and visually even coverage is the key. Would you put as much material for a hat as you would use for a skirt or pair of pants? No, of course you wouldn’t. You would have too much on your head or not enough to cover your behind. Take a step back, look, rethink. Add additional layers of light until your tree is evenly illuminated.

Only after your lighting is perfect, add ornaments as if you were selecting jewelry. Perhaps it would be better if you added ornaments as if Fabiola was selecting jewelry. There is no such thing as too much when it comes to sparkly. If you are the sort of gal that favors wearing boas, add garland before the ornaments, tinsel after.

Finally add scent. Plug in an evergreen house freshener and you will have the perfect Christmas tree.

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