Friday, October 3, 2008

Traveling Chickens

Rootbeer the Traveling Chicken follows Sister J (and the kids) everywhere they go outside. One day Sister J loaded the kids into the car and was about to drive away from the Tall Small House when "scratch, scratch, scratch" she heard the sound of tiny nails on the floormats in the back seat.

"Is that chicken in the car?" Sister J. asked the kids.
Laughing, the kids replied "what makes you think that?"
"I can hear toenails scratching on the floor" was Sister J's reply.

So Sister J swung around and looked over the back of the front seat.
"Chicken, get out of my car!" Said Sister J to Rootbeer.

Rootbeer (the Traveling chicken ) tried to remain where she was but Sister J (always a determined gal) shooed Rootbeer back out into the yard. Where Rootbeer, no doubt, started planning her next attempt at adventure.

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