Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rootbeer (The Traveling Chicken) Goes to Austin -- Part 1

Because Sister J, wouldn't let Rootbeer (the Traveling Chicken) go for a ride in the car, Rootbeer decided to arrange other transportation. She trotted down the driveway, flew into a cedar tree that hangs over the road, and waited.

Rootbeer looked for a vehicle headed towards Austin. Before long, she spotted a neighbor farmer's truck loaded down with turnips. That truck must be headed to the farmer's market, thought Rootbeer to herself. So when the truck drove under the tree that she was sitting in, she jumped.

Rootbeer had a few moments of concern when she reailzed that chicken claws don't hold very well on painted metal surfaces. Fortunately, she slid back onto the piled up turnips. Chicken claws hold very well on piles of root vegetables. So Rootbeer (the Traveling Chicken) headed towards Austin.

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