Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bob the Bird and His New Friends

When we left Bob the Bird, he had been banished outside to the patio (daylight hours only).  Although his friend Henry the dog isn't always with him, Bob has met some new friends. 
Bob the Bird's new friends are Bluebell the Bunny who lives in a cage (mostly, sometimes, well, she has been IN the cage before).  Bob the Bird spends his days in his cage, which sits on top of Bluebell the Bunny's cage.  Bluebell and Bob and their stacked cages are happy outside in the sun.  Then there is Rootbeer the traveling chicken, who sits beside (or on top of) Bob the Bird's cage and makes clucking noises and peers this way and that at Bob the Bird.  Perhaps Rootbeer the traveling chicken is trying to figure out which strange chicken family produced Bob the Bird.  Maybe it isn't that at all.


Anonymous said...

Hannah says: Bluebell is smaller, lop eared and is white with black spots. Rootbeer is more mottled colored with some black feathers. But pretty much right on.

Fabiola (or Mary or Both) said...

Pretty good guess huh? ::Fabiola is lauging:: FWIW -- I WAS trying to draw a Holland Lop. (Remember Sister E's pet Bunns?) -- Great story about that rabbit and Mary -- ask Sister E sometime, it is hysterical.

Regardless, in the interest of animal accuracy, edits will be made! Hugs from Fabiola!