Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tall Small House?

Last entry – I, Fantastic Fabiola, mentioned Sister J. Now, Fabiola realizes that you, Darlings and Sister J have not been properly introduced. Of course you know that she lives near Austin, Texas and that she lives in the Tall, Small House (that sounds like an interesting place, now doesn’t it?).

Sister J, like Fabiola, is very beautiful and very tall only taller. Sister J is the one with chickens running loose on the patio. From time to time darlings! Sister J also has kids. Apparently, combine children and chickens and you get great stories and chickens running loose on the patio, when the armadillo or the rattlesnake aren’t there. (The rattlesnake wasn’t there very long – we won’t go into it, the rattlesnake lost.) Regardless, Sister J, is ever so slightly younger than Fabiola, and wonderful and fun and …

Where was Fabiola? Oh, the Tall Small House! When Sister J and her husband bought the place it was just a tiny house out in the wilds of Texas. Everything was normal height, but as the house was under renovation, it wasn’t much to move everything up several inches. Counters, cupboards, and stairs were set taller by a few inches than is standard. Everything was taller than standard because the gals in Fabiola’s family are just not standard issue. ::Fabiola sighs dramatically:: Of course Darlings, you can’t help it, Fabiola doesn’t hold it against you. Tall Small House, children, chickens there is so much more but one can’t put it all in one post. So for now,

Darlings, meet Sister J – Sister J, meet everyone.

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