Saturday, September 27, 2008

Occasional posts, occasional wind, occasional barns

I, Fantastic Fabiola have been away for quite a while. Fabiola gets that way sometimes, don’t cha know? I suspect that you darlings also have days (weeks, months) when the world starts spinning faster and faster and you do all that you can do just to keep up. Lewis Caroll wrote about just such an event in Alice Through the Looking Glass ,the Red Queen, Fabiola believes is the expert on running as fast as you can just to keep up. Fabiola loved that book. Well, she did.

Regardless, this is the part of the post where Fabiola appologises and promises to mend her ways and post more, but you know darlings, that while she will and does apologize she won’t change her whirlwind ways. Fabiola has tried, but a whirlwind will run its own course even if you put a barn in front to try to stop it. Not that Fabiola is in the habit of tossing barns from here to there, but whirlwinds …

Speaking of wind – Fabiola’s world experienced a doozie a couple of weeks ago. The strangest thing happened – Fabiola’s Sister J, who lives in the Tall Small House just north-west of Austin, (Texas of course darlings, but you knew that) and fully expected to deal with tropical storm winds from hurricane Ike, got nothing while Fabiola who lives way up north had to deal with oh, say, 70-80 mile per hour winds for a few hours. It was the strangest thing.

Happily, Fantastic Fabiola’s house suffered no damage. Fabiola’s part of the world has tornados from time to time, so the house was built with straps holding down each and every single truss on the roof and outer walls encased in oriented strand board that was both glued AND nailed before the house wrap then siding was put on. That helped, that and living in the middle of no-where where there isn’t anything for the wind to pick-up and toss except the occasional barn. (occasional barns are like occasional tables in that they are mostly placed for looks rather than functionality.)But Fabiola was talking about wind. Fabiola is overly cautious about excess windiness, she is getting to be that age.

For the moment (or longer) that is all that Fantastic Fabiola has to say.

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