Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bob the Bird Lives in the Tall Small House

“Shriek, shriek” , pause “shriek, shriek” an unknown (to Fabiola) creature began a series of loud and getting louder – noises in the background of one of Fabiola’s conversation with Sister J.

Fabiola wondered if it was some sort of new proximity alarm at the Tall Small House, perhaps one to warn of rampaging chickens. So she asked Sister J.

Bob the Bird was the answer. Who? Bob the Bird, a cockatiel.

Why on earth was it shrieking Fabiola wondered aloud?

Bob the Bird was shrieking because the dog left the room. Apparently Bob the Bird is much attached to Henry the dog, and when Henry leaves the room Bob the Bird becomes very distressed and shrieks until dog comes back.

Fabiola believes that is a beautiful expression of concern between animal species, but astonishingly annoying all the same.

Say hello to Bob the Bird!


Anonymous said...

hey, that bird looks familiar,gbe.

Fabiola (or Mary or Both) said...

Hello there, welcome!

Mary was draging Fabiola around all day today, into the backhoe, out, into the floater, out. Sigh. Bob was going to be joined by rootbeer and Blue Bell tonight. But Fabiola is too tired (lazy)to draw them right now.

Good job on the rattlesnake by the way!