Saturday, August 30, 2008

Afternoon Nap ... Attempt 3

The third attempt is not at taking a nap ... the third attempt is for posting about naps. Sigh.
::waving both hands in a shooing motion:: Regardless.

I, Fantastic Fabiola, long wondered what in the world people ever so slightly older than Fabiola could be thinking when they spoke all misty eyed about taking an afternoon nap. Fabiola now knows. It is kind of like magic, one year afternoons are for completing tasks, the next afternoons are for fighting off the impulse to just lay down on a nice soft bed (couch, floor, shady spot under a tree) and take a little nappers. Not being the kind of gal that just gives in to the forces of nature (have you seen Fabiola's hair? Fabiola has to tell you that nature abhors upright hair more than it does a vaccuum, it is a known fact.) where was Fabiola? Oh. Midsentence. Can't be helped. Fabiola has not given in to the lure of afternoon naps. She believes that God invented Red Bull or coffee for just that situation. Sugar free Red Bull darlings, a gal Fabiola's age can't spare the calories.

That is all for the moment.


Anonymous said...

Happy Labor Day to the Fab ~ May she find the Fountain of Youth in her own back fourty.

Fabiola (or Mary or Both) said...

Hey Anony!

Fabiola has been connectivity challenged for the last week or so. She has resorted to dial-up again. Sigh.

Thank you for the nice labor day wish. As it was Fabiola had to help Mary wash a semi truck and dump trailer on Labor Day. sigh.