Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Notes on Heavy Sweating - Headaches and ...

Yesterday, while Fantastic Fabiola was senisbly resting in the shade of enormous allergen producing weeds, Mary was working her way towards almost Heat Exhaustion. Oh, Darlings, that wasn't her goal, just a side effect. While Mary is not the brightest creature gracing the face of this earth and more locally, certain farm fields, she does know the warning signs that preceed impending life threatening conditions. Untreated Heat Exhaustion can quickly become Heat Stroke. Heat stroke is a condition that can quickly lead to Death. (You don't need a link to explain that one do you Darlings). Dead is a condition that causes a gal to get rather less work done than maybe she have schedueld for a day, so Mary tries to avoid getting dead.

Despite drinking cold water (16 oz per hour minimum), wearing light colored cotton clothes, and staying in the shade when she wasn't running her machine, temperatures in the upper 80's and high humidity did what heat and humidity do and by 3 Pm the headache started. When Mary started feeling just a tiny bit nauseous it was Inaction time. Inaction? Yep, fire-up the service truck, crank the air conditioning and SIT in the cool air until body temperature comes back down. Nobody can tough out heat exaustion, not even Mary.

Mary did finish the work that she had scheduled for herself for the day and Fabiola made her promise to be more careful today. Heat headaches make a gal scrunch-up her face and at our age, that can only lead to unattractive forehead wrinkles. We must avoid that.

If you are working outside in the heat darlings, be careful won't you?

A P.S. from Fantastic Fabiola -- the links lead to pages from the The Mayo Clinic.

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