Thursday, July 10, 2008

Is The Moon Half Full .. or Is It Half Empty?

Hello Darlings! Fabiola has been a busy girl the last few days. She has been doin nothing all that productive, just unusual chaos, like chickens gettin' loose and running all over the patio. A gal can chase them all she wants, but all that creates is flyin’ feathers and loud cackling.

Well, that isn't what I, Fantastic Fabiola meant to talk about. It wasn't. The moon tonight, take a moment for yourselves darlings, walk out in the yard barefoot (unless the chickens have been loose, then wear shoes), look up at the sky. Decide, is the Moon Half Full tonight, or is it Half Empty?

Fantastic Fabiola's Heaven is holding a Half Moon that is Half Full.



Anonymous said...

Skys are overcast here blocking the view dagnabit...

Fabiola (or Mary or Both) said...

Awww! On the bright side, there will be another half moon next month, sometime after the full moon. The moon works that way yanno. It is an orderly, predictable satelite.