Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fennel In The Spice Rack

This week seems to have been all Fennel all the time. Today is no exception. Here, sit down, let's chat about fennel seeds shall we?

Italian Sausage would be just plain old sausage without fennel seeds.

Chewing Fennel Seeds works as a mouth freshener.

As Fabiola mentioned in a previous post, fennel seeds (as well as the rest of the fennel plant) calm an upset tummy.

Fennel seed goes well on roast pork.

Ok, even Fabiola is getting a touch bored with fennel.

For something related (but not entirely the same).

The Perfect Pantry - has a wonderful post on the contents of a food writer's spice cupboard. She also contemplates rearranging them into catagories, the last of which is: used for embalming Pharos in aincent Egypt. Fun read! Go!

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