Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fabiola does the Mojito

Bump bump - da bump bump - da bump bump dity bump. Fabiola had a strange and interesting experience the other day. No, absolutely not, Fabiola did not leap atop a big rock in the middle of a group of dancing people in a weird parody of that one -- moment --- in an otherwise amazing commercial that makes a gal think that the 21 year old son of the owner of the ad agency threw a fit to have a scene added to a commercial that would appeal to ... well 21 year old males and make all women over 30 roll their eyes and laugh. You have no idea what Fabiola is talking about do you?

Fabiola was mowing the other day. She mowed the yard and then she mowed in front of the woods and in the strip beside the road. Now, the area that you mow may be picture perfect fescue but a lot of Fabiola's mowing is whatever happens to grow. In the early spring Fabiola's mowing smells like grass and onion. This time of year mowing smells like grass and mint and pineapple. Pineapple? Yep. There is a wildflower (weed) round these parts that smells citrusy / pineapple when it is crushed (or mowed). Anywho. Fabiola, done with her mowing, late on a Saturday evening, grabbed a bottle of a drink that she wanted to try (entirely because of that great commercial that she mentioned above, Fabiola has to confess) a Mojito.

Fabiola gathered because of the commercial that the drink would taste of mint. What Fabiola did not realize was that a Mojito tastes of mowing. It was the oddest thing. Fabiola thought so anyway. Mint and citrus. Oh, the beverage was delightful and oddly perfect for the situation.

Oh, and Fabiola does not need to remind you to NOT drink and mow. Whirring sharp blades and alcohol do not mix, unless the whirring is going on in a blender.

Now, darlings, Fabiola must confess, she does not have a blender recipe for a Mojito, after mowing it is far simpler to grab a Bacardi silver pre-mixed malt beverage Mojito in a bottle and just twist off the cap. Wonderful, even if it does taste like mowing smells.

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