Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Laundry Stains ...

For more advice that is likely to apply to a subset of one, I Fabiola, am sharing with you Fabiola's secret method for removing dirty black ground in grease stains from Bib-alls. Bib-alls and jeans and carharts actually. Tough (mostly) cotton work clothes are the ones that Fabiola is talking about. If you have dirty black ground in grease stains on silk, Fabiola suspects you live in a big city, got crossways of the wrong crowd and grease stains on silk is the last of your problems, because you are rolling around under the blade of a bulldozer.

I believe that I have digressed. Yes, I suspect that I may have. Back to dirty black grease stains on work clothes, something that Fabiola has to deal with frequently, as that crabby Mary is always and forever locking Fabiola in toolboxes. Fortunately, a stray can of tractor starter fluid also usually resides in that toolbox.

To remove grease stains from work clothes:

Place paper towels or shop rags under stained area of clothes.

Spray stained area heavily with ether. Blot with paper towels or shop rags.

Repeat untill the worst of the stain is gone.

Rub area with detergent or stain stick, let sit.

Wash in the hottest water recommended for the fabric.

Try it.

Potential roadblocks to this method. Tractor starting fluid (ether) is also used to make ... some drug. Fabiola can't remember which. Don't go to the automotive supply store and try to buy a case, unless you look like you spend a lot of time with old cranky diesel engines. If you look like June Clever, buy just one can.

Mary has never had a problem buying tractor starting fluid.

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