Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hunting The Wild Strawberry

I, Fabiola, spent time the last few days hunting for the elusive Wild Strawberry. Now, Fabiola loves tame strawberries (the ones in refrigerated cages in the produce section of the local grocery), but WILD strawberries ...

Fabiola wonders if the attraction is the adventure of combing through acres of grass, weeds and poison ivy to find just a few handfuls of berries. Wandering along the edges of field and woodland armed with mosquito spray and basket, braving certain attack by insects of every sort and plants that contain irritating oils, Fabiola knows that danger lurks at every turn. To confess, Fabiola is wondering for your benefit, because she knows that while the hunt does make a difference, the flavor of wild strawberries is the thrill. Have you ever tasted a just picked wild strawberry? The strawberry flavor of cultivated verses wild is like the difference between riding a garden and a tractor pull tractor. Of course you know what Fabiola means.

Wild strawberries are a Fabiola fruit.


Anonymous said...

Know what you mean -- been enjoying some really sweet mulberrys lately too -- got any mulberry trees around there?

Fabiola (or Mary or Both) said...

Yes, one big all over the place one on the edge of a field. Fabiola tried a few of the berries today. This year because of the weather or something, they are sweeter than usual. As a rule mulberrys usually are for the birds.

Now blackberries ... heaven with thorns and ready in just a few weeks. Anony do you have raspberries near you?

Anonymous said...

No raspberries around here at all -- they grow up there?

Fabiola (or Mary or Both) said...

Along the fencerow, yes because someone planted forever ago.

No raspberries at all near you? Too bad! Berry season is a wonderful time. Almost as wonderful as sweet corn and tomato time.

Aside: Some have days of wine and roses, Fabiola has weeks of sweet corn and tomatos, not as poetic, but better colors. That, and roses don't freeze well.

Does Anony know how to freeze or "can"?

Anonymous said...

Hot Pepper Day is to Anony as Sweet Corn Day is to the Fab -- Wanna barter?