Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Extending a Theme ...

skating pigs

I, Fabiola am taking a notion and running with it. Notion as in half-baked thought, no, not even that refined. Notion more like that painted cat that a gal could just swear she saw for just a flash right round the corner of her eye, but then when she turns to take a good look ... no painted cat.

Where was Fabiola? Oh. Dear, dear Anony has gone and replaced sugarplums with roller skating pigs in whatever vision Anony is currently having. (If, just possibly, those visions are being caused by something other than a very early Christmas spirit, something like, oh, perhaps, an acid flash-back of some sort, leave Fabiola outa the loop on that one, please dear Anony. Fabiola seems to be living in one of her own and ... )

Twice now in one post. Must have overdone the hairspray this morning.

Regardless, sugarplums and roller skating pigs took Fabiola to ice skating penguins. And there she leaves you for the day.

PS - gotta read the comments on this and the previous post to understand why pigs-n-penguins are skating together. Fabiola world spins slightly faster than the real one.


Anonymous said...

Anony's pigs have been "ice" skating all along and are now skating with some penguins -- right there on your picture -- see em ???

Fabiola (or Mary or Both) said...

Fabiola just smiles and wanders off ... humming