Friday, May 30, 2008

Late Night Last Night - Work Too Early Today ...

Fabiola was out playing, footly-tootling and just generally accomplishing nothing last night. Sometimes a gal has to ... well, roll around a room of all bright lights and noises like a drunken sailor, without the drunken part. Still, sleep was fine but too short and because Fabiola dithered and delayed, Fabiola had time for only one cup of coffee this morning, then it was outside with Mary who was helping to put down 90 track feet of rail.

Fabiola daydreamed about coffee all day.

How to make coffee:

Put commercial size paper coffee filter in metal filter basket thingy
add 1/2 cup of ground coffee, mostly folgers, mostly columbian
push "Brew" button on Bloomfeild 3-burner coffee maker.
wait 3 minutes

What? You were hoping for another coffee drink recipe? Maybe later, in the morning, Fabiola is not a fancy latte, mocha chino, candy flavored coffee sorta gal. Fabiola is a strong, hot, black served without the latte but in a latte sized cup coffee drinker.

Fabiola found some other blogs that have mentioned coffee lately.

Slashfood talks about Coffee Tasting (think Wine tasting)

Then there is A Belmont Coffee Disaster

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