Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How to Wear Bib-alls

I, Fabiola, spent the last several days working on railroad track. Rather advising Mary as SHE worked on the railroad track. Fabiola was much too concerned with keeping her bib-alls in order. In the event that you are contemplating wearing railroad duds, Fabiola would like for you to keep these items in mind.

Striped blue bib-alls are for engineers. If you don't drive a train and wear stripes, you risk having some old gentleman point out that you shouldn't be wearing them. If you Do happen to drive a train and some old gentleman tries to take you to task for striped bib-alls, you get to make snarky remarks.

Iron your bib-alls, wiggly stripes give people motion sickness.

All those pockets and loops on bib-alls are for tools, tools are for work, work gets just ironed bib-alls dirty, leave the pockets and loops empty. The only exception to this no tools rule is that you may lean on a spike puller. Unless you are wearing plain blue bib-alls, then you could be pretending to be a farmer, and you would lean on a tractor.

If your bib-alls are green, then you are a character on Captain Kangaroo and not likely to need Fabiolas fashion advice.


Anonymous said...

Now here's some do's & dont's one's not likely to find anywhere else...

Fabiola (or Mary or Both) said...

Well Anony,I, Fabiola, do inhabit a very particular and unusual niche. Fabiola is only too happy to help where she can.