Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fabiola Recalls music from 1974

I, Fabiola, have had a song running through my head for the last day. Midnight at the Oasis. You remember that Maria Malduar song ... (Fabiola starts singing) Miiidnight at the Oaaasis ... (Fabiola realizes that people might hear her and stops). Play the song in your heads dears.

It all started Tuesday evening, as Fabiola was taking her evening constitutional she gazed up at the sky and there was the most gorgeous half moon in the fading light. Fabiola thought "Heaven is holding a half moon ..." Funny how lyrics once heard forever after describe certain events.

Anywho -- now that Midnight At The Oasis is running through YOUR head (Fabiola knows that it is -- it is one of those songs) and if on the next half moon you start singing, well, you have Fabiola to thank. You are welcome.

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