Monday, May 12, 2008

Fabiola On TV

Fabiola doesn't want to deceive you dear reader. Fabiola did not appear on Tee Vee, nor is she talking about daintily perching atop a console. Have console tvs gone the way of the dodo, Fabiola wonders? Console Tee Vees were a handy place to set an extra tv before God invented picture in picture. Or, for stacking the new (non console) tee vee, once the old one had died. Not that Fabiola has ever been guilty of Tee vee stacking.
More commonly, console Tee Vees were used to display decorative objects, in Fabiola's Grandmother's case a statue of the Blessed Mother. Always. Oh, you can laugh, some people believe that the Blessed Mother belongs in a half submerged cast iron bath tub out in the yard, but Fabiola's Grandmother knew where the Blessed Mother Belonged, on top of the Tee Vee.
Sigh. Fabiola has digressed all over the map. Fabiola purchased a new Tee Vee this weekend, with (gasp!) gambling winnings. The old one separated itself into three colors months ago, and while Fabiola didn't mind it so much (people will yellow eyebrow shadows were starting to seem normal), the Fella had reached his tollerance point.
Fabiola and the Fella acquired the LG Opus something or other. The picture is quite possibly more amazing than Fabiola is, and that is saying something.

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