Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wednesdom -- Persistence and Vegetables

The man is genius. Fabiola adores him. If you are one of the 12 people in the universe that hasn't read his blog -- go! Scoot! You will come back with at least one great idea that will improve your mind set if not your life. You will.

That brings Fabiola to vegetables. The Fella will not eat vegetables in any form (except corn and potatoes and if you are in the position of feeding folk nutritious food, you know that corn and potatoes, while wonderful --- are starches -- sigh.) Regardless.

To the best of her knowledge, Fabiola does not believe that the ever inspiring Mr. Godin has addressed the question of adult men who won't eat vegetables. But just today he did talk about persistence.

Fabiola has tried everything that she can think of to get him to eat vegetables, all to no avail, if he recognizes them, he won't eat them. Period.

Which leads to Gordon Ramsey and his BBC show "Kitchen Nightmares". The show about the Fenwick Arms and the campaign for real gravy.

Fabiola's fella won't eat vegetables, but he will eat gravy. After stealing an idea from that particular show -- Fabiola had a plan.

Roast vegetables at the same time as the day's chunk of dead animal (but not for the SAME LENGTH OF TIME - just until caramelized and soft), when the roast is done, discard the fat from drippings by skimming, drippings into blender, roasted vegetables into blender, splash of broth, blend, add more broth to make gravy consistency, add a few drops of Kitchen Bouquet (essentially browning for sauces and gravies that you want to be brown but aren't), salt, pepper, ground celery seed (if you didn't make celery one of your vegetables). One last whir, done.

Real gravy. It worked. Yes to a hand full of carrots, one garlic clove, onion, about half a potato, and as part of the broth a small can of V8 juice. No to grease and flour as a thickening.


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Anonymous said...

Ah - just spike his chocolate milk with some Ensure.